Ceramic Education

Much of my work focuses on abstract figurative work and decorative functional pieces.  A hand builder, I work mostly with paper clay.   For the past 12 years I have studied at the Clay Art Center(CAC) in Port Chester, NY. I have also taken classes and workshops at Peter's Valley, Baltimore Clay Works and NCECA. Presently I rent space at the CAC, continue to take classes and workshops as well as work independently. At the CAC, I exhibited in the  2010 Wood Fired show (Henry's Space) as well as several Rising Stars student shows. In 2008, I traveled  to China and  exhibited  in the International Ceramic Exposition in Jingdezhen.  In 2013 I was part of a group show in Hastings-on-Hudson: "A Teacher's journey."

Past Creative Activities

My past creative activities have ranged from dance (modern, ballet, folk) to music and visual arts. I started dancing as a child. In college I studied seriously including intensive summer dance programs and progressing to professional study in new York City. Once I decided to go to medical school I had neither the time nor energy to continue dancing. During the past 10 years, I have returned to dance and movement classes for pleasure. These days I find my ceramic work is imbued with my l love of dance and movement. As a child, I played the clarinet and oboe. In the late 1980's I took voice lessons and sang in Westchester choral groups. Today I find my musicality in my ceramic creations. Since I could not draw as a child and I received no encouragement to pursue art. With joy, I later discovered that one needed a good eye but not drawing skills for photography and still pursue photo images that capture my eye. In the late 1990's I explored other media, including water colors, drawing, glass blowing and textiles. I continue to develop my eye through regular museum and gallery visits.


I am a retired physician, board certified in both Internal Medicine and Occupational and Preventive Medicine as well as a Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology (study of disease in populations). My experience in workplace health and safety took place in business(Time Inc, IBM), government(NJ Health Dept) and academics(Cornell, Mt Sinai).  I edited two books on workplace violence and developed training on a number of occupational health topics. I remain licensed to practice medicine and still pursue professional education.

I live on City Island, NY overlooking Long Island Sound with my cats Raku and Merce. I enjoy sailing, yoga, hiking, and travel. My adult daughter practices aquatic therapy at Harbin Hot Springs in Northern California.